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Members of the  Authority


1. The Chief Minister of the state           Ex-officio Chairman

2. A person to be nominated by the       Vice Chairman

 State Government from River Valley


3. MLA's not exceeding six from the       Ex-officio member

region whose constituencies fall

with in the River Valley to be

nominated by the State Government

4. Chairman of Zila Panchayat                 Ex-officio member

 from the region falling under the

River Valley area as may be

nominated by the Government

 5. Special Invitees from the                     Members   

 Ministry of Water Resources,Forest

and Environment Government

of India not below the rank of

Deputy Secretary/Director

6. Representative of the Planning             Member

 commission, Government of India

 not below the rank rankof Director

 7. Principal Secretaries /Secretaries

   of the following of the following

 Departments of the State

Government or their duly

 Authorised nominees not below the

rank of Addl. Secretary :-

(i) Finance Department                            Ex-officio member

(ii) Planning Department                          Ex-officio member

(iii)PWD, Irrigation and                            Ex-officio member      

 Power Department                   

 (iv)Law Department                                 Ex-officio member

(v)Tourism Department                            Ex-officio member

(vi) Environment, Forest, Rural                Ex-officio member


(vii) Divisional commissioner                   Ex-officio member  

of the Division 

(viii)Chief Executive Officer of the           Ex-officio member


(ix)Technical advisors /institutions         Member

of Soil Conservation,Geology,

Environment, Law,Sociologist and

Management not exceeding

Six in numbers to be nominated by

 the State Government




 Members of Executive Committee


1.  Shri.Abbal Singh  Bisht                                                  Chairman

     Vice Chairman , BRVDA


2.  Shri. Vinod  Kandari                                                          Member

     MLA Devprayag District Tehri Garwhal


3.  Shri. Shakti Lal Shah                                                         Member

     MLA Ghansali  District Uttarkashi


4.  Additional Secretary  Housing/                       Ex-Officio Member

     Chief Executive Officer


5.  Principal Secretary/Secretary, Tourism           Ex-Officio Member


6.  Principal Secretary/Secretary Forest                     Special Invitee                

7.  Commissioner  Garhwal, Pauri                         Ex-Officio Member


8.  District Magistrate Tehri Garhwal                           Special Invitee


9.  District Magistrate Uttarkashi                                 Special Invitee


10. Additional Chief Executive Officer                     Member  Secretary




Source : Bhagirathi River Valley Development Authority Government of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 30-12-2023