Environment Clearance


* Environment Clearance date July 19,1990

(by Ministry of Environment & Forest, as quotted in the Judgment of S.C.)

"Tehri Dam project was initiated in 1972 for an installed capacity of 600 MW, now revised to 2400 MW to be taken up in three stages. The collection of data and preparation of environmental action plans is yet to be finally completed. Meanwhile an amount of Rs. 440 crores has been spent on various project related works. The Department of Power and the Government of Uttar Pradesh have assured furnish all the detailed action plans according to prescribed time schedule and to implement the action plan pari-passu with the implementation of the engineering works.

After taking into account all the factors, the Tehri dam Project is accorded environment clearance subject to following conditions.

(A) The project Authorities must get the safety aspects and the design of the Dam approved by the High Level Expert committee constituted for the purpose.

(B) Comprehensive Environment al Management Plans must be formulated to the satisfaction of , and got approved from, the Ministry of Environment and Forest in a time bound manner as outlined below.

3.1 Catchment Area Treatment

Obligation of Tehri Hydro Development Corporation(THDC)

(a) The THDC will, as per the recommendations of the Remote Sensing Application Centre, U.P. identify the critically degraded areas conforming to the "very high " and "high" erodability classification and prepare action plans by 31-12-90 for the treatment of these areas in consultation with the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

(b) The action plans prepared will ensure that the catchment area treatment is completed before 31-12-1995 on the basis of detailed annual action plans.

(c) The THDC will put at the disposal of Government of Uttar Pradesh all the requisite resources annually to implement the action plans.

Obligation of the Government of U.P.

The Government of U.P. will cooperate in the preparation of comprehensive action plans for catchment area treatment by 31-1201990 and to implement these action plans by 31-12-1995 with the resources provided by THDC.

3.2 Rehabilitation

The THDC will, through a reputed institution , undertake a socio-economic study of the measures needed to ensure that standard of living of the oustees is not affected due to the project. The study will be completed by 30.06.1991. The THDC will implement such recommendations as may be made by the Ministry of Environment and Forest for rehabilitation after consideration of the study report by MEF. The rehabilitation package covering population affecting Koteshwar dam as well as those living on the rim of the reservoir and likely to be affected will be prepared before 31-03-1991.

3.3 Command Area Development

The Government of U.P. will prepare a plan for command area development for areas to be irrigated for areas to be irrigated from the Tehri project by 31.03.1991 and will implemented this package by 31.03.1995.

3.4 Flora and Fauna

 THDC will commission a study of Flora and Fauna going under submergence as well as that affected by related works in the region so that reclamation plans can be worked out along with setting up of botanical gardens. The study of flora and fauna must be completed by May 1991 and action plan prepared thereafter to be executed before impoundment commences.

3.5 Water Quality Maintenance

(a) The THDC will setup water quality monitoring stations to monitor the quality of reservoir water.

(b) The THDC will initiate a water quality modeling study to formulate the measures needed to preserve the water quality and prepare an action plan to implement measures recommended by such study.

3.6 Disaster Management

A Disaster Management plan will be worked out by THDC by 31.03.1991 in consultation with the likely affected population and the area authorities.

3.7 Bhagirathi River Management Authority

The Department of Power will ensure the setting up of Bhagirathi Basin Management Authority on statutory basis through legislative action before 31.03.1991.

(C) The completion of studies formulation of action plans and their implementation will be scheduled in such a way that their execution is pari-passu with the engineering works failing which the engineering works would be brought to a halt without any extraneous consideration. These condition will be enforced, among others under the provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986."

Source : Bhagirathi River Valley Development Authority Government of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 30-12-2023