Functions of Executive Committee


A- Responsible for proper and timely implementation of the decisions, various resolutions of the Authority and will have executive control over the affairs of the Authority, (Section 3{5})

B- Determination of power, duties & functions, term & conditions of appointment and honorarium of the technical advisors/institutions. (Section 6{2}

C- Call the meeting of the Authority at any time.(Section 7{2})

D- Requisition services of any department of the government on terms and conditions decided by the Authority. (Section 9{4})

E- Receive development proposals from departments of state or Central Govt. or Local Bodies or person or body corporate and put objections on such proposals, if any, approve the proposals or direct the applicant to make modifications in accordance with the Master Plan.

F- Determine the Nationalized Bank for opening account of the Authority. (Section 13{1})

Source : Bhagirathi River Valley Development Authority Government of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 01-12-2023