Functions of Authority


{Section 8(1) of the Uttaranchal River Valley (Development & Management)Act,2005)

A- To oversee the formulation & execution of development plans to achieve optimum utilisation of natural resources for integrated and sustainable development plans of the sectors of water resources, land use,agriculture & related matters.(Section 8{1}[a]).

B- To ensure effective and timely action for maintenance of ecological balance in the basin of the river and ensure treatment of damaged ecological system..(Section 8{1}[b]).

C- To ensure afforestation by fodder and anti erosion species with the objective of providing employment to local population and also improve environment.(Section 8{1}[c]).

D- To ensure protection of flora and fauna of the valley and setup botanical and zoological gardens. (Section 8{1}[d]).

E- To establish monitoring system for maintenance of water quality & community facility centers at the sites of rural rehabilitation and in the valley. (Section 8{1}[e]).

F- To ensure monitoring system for disaster management by preparing Disaster Management Cells at appropriate locations and provide funds for mitigation of disaster. (Section 8{1}[f]).

G- To ensure establishment of effective grievance redressal cells at appropriate locations. (Section 8{1}[g]).

Source : Bhagirathi River Valley Development Authority Government of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 30-12-2023