Powers & Duties of Authority


A. Appointment of Additional Chief Executive Officer. (Section 4{2})

B. Appointment of Officers and employees. (Section5{1})

C.Appointment of technical advisors/institutions from the fields of Environmental Management, Geology, Eco-Planning, Integrated Energy, Planning, Social Science, Forest ecology Law and other. Section(6{1}).

D.Call information about any development scheme from executing, development agency (Section 9[1] {2}[a])

E. Approve/disapprove any development scheme outlined in the Master Plan and till finalisation of Master Plan, regulate developmental activities undertaken by development agencies. (Section 9[1]{2} [b]), Section 9{2) & Section 11{3})

F. Direct other development agencies to conform to policy of the Authority. Section 9[1]{2} [c])

G.For implementation of its policies and programmes take assistant from organizations of State of Central Government. Section 9[1]{2] [d]) and requisition services of any department of the government on terms and conditions decided by the Authority. (Section 9{4}

H. Constitute sub-committees for accomplishing its object. (section 9[1}{2}[e])

I. Delegate any of its functions to any member of office of the Authority.(Section 9[1]{2}[f]) and delegate any power to Executive Committee of Chief Executive Officer.(Section 9{5})

J. Prepare Master Plan & Sectoral Plans and make changes in them.(Section 9{3} & Section 10{1})

K. Determine the Nationalized Bank or banks for opening account or accounts of the Authority and authorize any officer (CEO or ACEO or Accounts Officer or any other officer) to operate the accounts.(Section 13{1} & {2})

L. Prepare annual budget & put up before the AGM and submit it to the State Govt.(Section 13{3})

M. Appoint CA for audit of annual accounts.(Section 14{2})

N. Prepare annual report of its activities & submit to State and Central Govt. (Section 15)

O. Authorize any officer or employee to enter upon the land or premises for carrying out lawful work. (Section 16)

P. Comply with the directions of State or Central Govt. (section 17)

Q. Make regulations for administration of the affairs of the Authority. (Section 18{1} & {2})

R. Open Head Office in Tehri and branch Offices at other places.(Section 20)

S. Authorize any officer to file written complaint in the court against any person for commitment of an offence. (section25)

T. Compound offences and impose composition fee for such offence.(section 28{1})

U. Impose Cess on mineral rights in the river valley. (Section 31{1})

Source : Bhagirathi River Valley Development Authority Government of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 30-12-2023